The Shop1km Coupon Book

Reach neighbourhood households with a targeted ‘shop local’ offer.
Your Shop. Your Offer. Printed and delivered to your neighbours’ mailboxes.

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We have done many coupons with many different distribution methods –
this by far has been the most successful in terms of redemptions.

Alison Fletcher

Owner, Cookery - the art of cooking

Looking for new customers for your retail business? Introducing Shop1km.

What is Shop1km?

Shop1km produces print micromarketing campaigns targeting households within 1km of your retail store. We do this by harnessing the power of co-op marketing.

Why do I need Shop1km?

To drive consumers to shop local, where they live – in the neighbourhood and in your store; just in time for the holidays!

Who is the audience?

Thousands of households all within a kilometre of your shop.

How is Shop1km going to achieve this?

As they have been for decades, coupons remain an important tool for business owners and marketers. Billions of dollars worth of coupons are used every year and consumers are looking for them. Everyone loves a deal!

·90% of consumers use coupons.

·77% of consumers shop where they can use paper coupons, and 84% of consumers say coupons influence their store selection.

·86% of consumers admit coupons prompt them to try new products.

By the way, who are you?

Hello, my name is Bernard Hellen and I have lived in the Roncy neighbourhood for the past 11 years. I started my career in advertising at Ogilvy&Mather Direct in the early 90s and then founded traffic, a marketing + graphic design agency.

The Shop1km Coupon Book

Shop1km produces and distributes neighbourhood deal books featuring special offers from local shops. Each book is limited to only 24 spots available, each business receives a full colour, double-sided 4x6 inch full page coupon.

How and when will it be distributed?

The book will be delivered by Canada Post to households within 1km of your shop.

OK, but what’s it going to cost me?

That depends on the number of mailboxes that are targeted. We can produce a superior product at typically 1/3 of the cost that it would cost an individual small shop. Call Bernard at 416-500-7861 and we can chat.

Have you done this before?

Yes. Seven times! Shop1km has produced three books in M6R for Roncesvalles merchants as well as two Junction books and books in Leslieville and WestQueenWest. Samples of all previous books are available upon request.

Our walk-in traffic has returned to what it was when we were in our previous location. We believe Shop1km was a big part of this influx of customers.

Sara Jameson

Owner, Sweetpea’s Inc.

What return can I expect?

Industry response rates for coupons are around 0.5% to 1% – could be more and could be less. A lot will depend on the deal that you offer. Remember also, the lifetime value of a new customer when you’re calculating ROI.

Will it be produced sustainably?

All of our print will be produced in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible, using local suppliers, vegetable-based inks and FSC-certified paper.

I am interested. Can we meet?

There is much more to this idea so I’d love to meet with you for a coffee at your convenience to discuss this further. Just let me know when and where is good for you. 

Call 416-500-7861 to set up a meeting to see if this is right for you or contact

How will it be promoted?

Each of the 24 businesses that participate will be actively promoted using PAID social media campaigns geo-targeting consumers and devices to drive both awareness and coupon redemption.

What do I have to do?

Not much. We’ll make it easy for you. All we need is your artwork file. We can work with your graphic designer to provide the necessary print specs or if you don’t have one, you can work with us.

What deal should I offer?

That’s a personal and unique decision. Only you will know what offer will best resonate with your customers. We can certainly consult with you and make suggestions based on our previous coupon books.

We’ve found that the coupons have encouraged some of our customers to make a larger purchase that they were on the fence about or just gave them some extra incentive to drop in at a time when they weren’t planning on doing any shopping.

Jennifer Jackson

owner, Home Smith House